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    Production Control

    Integrated Production,casting Extraordinary Achievements With Ability

    AKSEN elevator always stands in the leading status of industrial standard, being famous inside the industry with high level of target, equipment with superior quality. In order to make top elevator in the world, AKSEN invests into a large amount of financial resources and material resources in order to establish world-class proximate matter production lien, automatic spraying production line, robot welding production line and so on, laying a solid foundation for making high-grade, precise and advanced elevator products.

    7s Quality Control Management,quality Achievements Classic

    AKSEN elevator owns world-class manufacturing technology and advanced production management strictly abide by international 7S quality control management procedures, realizing excellent interaction between human beings with technology and equipment,controlling over product life and making each elevator product more perfect and more outstanding with humanized design technology and strict precision production.

    (1) Systemize:

    Increase area of operation with smooth logistics, prevent misuse and so on.

    (2) Rectify:

    Clean and tidy working place, reduce time of placing goods, increase working efficiency, guarantee logic working order.

    (3) Clean:

    Make employees keep excellent job morale; guarantee and stabilize products’ quality, finally achieving zero malfunction and loss of enterprise production.

    (4) Clean:

    Make systemization, reorganization, and cleaning become a convention and system, which is the basis of standardization, as well as beginning of formation of enterprise culture.

    (5) Accomplishment:

    Make employee become abide by regulations and systems with excellent working accomplishment.

    (6) Safety:

    Guarantee personal safety of employees, guarantee continuously safe and normal production, at the meantime, reducing economic loss brought about by safety accidents.

    (7) Saving:

    Make reasonable use of time, space, and energy in order to give full play to their effects, thus creating a working place with high efficiency which can make best use of everything.

    Improve working environment:

    AKSEN elevator strictly follow international 7S quality control management procedures, realizing excellent interaction between human being with technology and equipment, attracting participation of large amount of talents, greatly improving working
    environment and atmosphere of enterprise.

    Improve product quality:

    7S management system makes production order, giving full play to personnel setting, reducing fraction between human beings with equipment and technology,greatly improving production efficiency, laying solid foundation for producing a batch of elevators with superior quality.

    Creating fist class enterprise:

    First class equipment is guarantee of quality; first class talent is foundation of enterprise; first class management is foot stone of ante rise survival.