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  • Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd

    Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd

    Type : Morbi

    The basic situation of the project

    Project Name: Hubei Huji Innovation Ltd

    Location: Zhongxiang City Huji Bridge

    Number of lifts: Lifts 4, 5 passenger elevators, escalators, etc., for a total of 17

    Building area: 46,663.88 m2


    Profile: Hubei supply and livelihood Plaza Huji total investment of 250 million yuan, is a large shopping and leisure entertainment center, containing large supermarket chains, department stores, brand shops, restaurants, culture and leisure and entertainment facilities, markets, cinemas and so on. The total construction area of 40,000 square meters, of which: large supermarket chains, department stores and 20,000 square meters, catering, brand stores 5,000 square meters, 3,000 square meters of children’s play facilities, financial services institutions, post offices, medical services 2000 m2, markets 3000 m2, cinemas and entertainment facilities 7,000 square meters. The project started construction in October of this year.