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  • Villa Elevator

    Villa Elevator

    Start From Heart, Providing worry -free Protection All The Way

    What villa elevator worships is no longer luxurious equipment, but personalized and humanized butler service. AKSEN villa elevator is committed to making life of families more beautiful and safer, thinking always further than you with comprehensive consideration over each detail in life.

    Open the era of home energy saving

    Full LED lighting system

    Overall LED lighting system, low maintenance frequency, long service life, saving nearly 60% of energy than common modulator tubes.

    Gearless traction machine

    Adopt permanent magnet simultaneous gearless tractor which can save more than 40% of energy with no need for changing oil, free of maintenance and pollution.

    220V household power supply

    220V domestic use power supply, 1.1KW braking with low consumption, whose power consumption is far much lower than that of electrical appliance like air conditioner, being truly energy saving household appliance.

    Decoration configuration


    Standard Configuration

    Ceiling: Mirror hairline stainless steel, LED lamp

    Car wall: Hairline stainless steel

    Floor: PVC floor


    Optional Configuration

    Ceiling: Mirror hairline stainless steel, LED lamp

    Car wall: Hairline stainless steel, mirror, etching

    Handrail: Wooden handrail

    Floor: Wear-resistant PVC plastic cement floor


    Optional Configuration

    Ceiling: Stainless frame, acrylic arch

    Car wall: Glass

    Floor: PVC floor