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  • Passenger Elevator

    Passenger Elevator

    brand new design, spatial pattern changes

    AKSEN passenger elevator pursues comfortable experience of taking, and provides for you with unexpected design images trough spatial rebuilding and re planing of construction space, stable performance, high efficiency and energy-saving, as well as elegance and beauty and so on, satisfying comprehensively needs of building communication like top grade business buildings, hotels, top grade apartment and so on.


    Group control intelligent elevator dispatching system with highly efficient and scientific arrangement

    Adopt ring network topology to make each system as independent main control cabinet to make signal deployment. At the meantime, the optimum elevator operation mode is calculated rapidly with gene algorithm, providing for passengers with optimum elevator scheme.

    Lift car displacement memory technology, increasing efficiency of operation

    The lift car’s built-in memory function will record moving direction of lift car in the moving process to provide intelligent elevator dispatching service and ensure rapid landing in service layer during rush hour.

    machine roomless passenger elevator

    AKSEN passenger elevator pursues comfortable experience of taking, and provides for you with unexpected design forages Qrough spatial rebuilding and replaning of construdion space.

    Brand new design, changes in spatial pattern

    Adopt no machine room design, which change previous installation pattern of building’ s adaptability to elevator, truly realizing the era of universalization of elevator, satisfying needs of different types of buildings.
    Cancel machine room, saving nearly 10% of construction area, optimizing spatial arrange-ment, ensuring smooth running up and down.

    Brand new gearless horizontal type tractor

    The structure of tractor is more compact, greatly reducing space occupancy with perfect functions and low operation noise.

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